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About Awantipora


Awantipora is a small tehsil town located in the Phulwama district in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. If you travel towards Anantnag from Shrinagar via National Highway 1A, you will find this little town tucked in amid extensive agricultural fields on the right bank of River Jhelum. Two important townships on two sides of Awantipora are Sangam and Lethpora. While Sangam lies to its south, Lethopra lies to its north.

Why Visit Awantipora?

Although every part of Jammu and Kashmir possesses a unique beauty of its own it is the Kashmir Valley, which is referred as the Paradise on Earth and Awantipora lies in the heart of it. The city, with River Jhelum meandering by, offers not only great natural beauty, but also a glimpse into Kashmir’s long lost heritage. Moreover, there are many other tourist spots located nearby.  That is why this little agricultural town has now become a hub for tourism.

History of Awantipora

The Ancient Awanatipora

It is believed that the town was built by King Awanti Varman, the founder of Utpala Dynasty, in around 883 AD.  It is also believed that he ascended the throne of Kashmir in 855 AD and thereafter shifted his capital to Awantipura. Since he was a patron of art and culture many beautiful temples were built under his patronage. When Afghan ruler Sultan Sikandar Butshikan invaded Kashmir in the 14th Century he destroyed all those beautiful monuments thus ending a glorious era. Although these temples lie in ruins, they bear the testimony to the golden age of the town.

Geography of Awantipora

Since Awantipora lies in middle of Kashmir Valley, the topography here is rather flat with an elevation ranging from 1588 m to 1598 m above the sea level. Its latitudinal and longitudinal coordination is 33.9200° N and 75.0200° E respectively. River Jhelum, which flows along its western border, is one of the important natural resources here.

Climatic Condition of Awantipora

Awantipora, being located inside the valley has more or less a moderate climate. The summer is mild while the winter is cold. There is no fixed rainy season; precipitation can occur anytime. However, with deforestation, a change in the climatic pattern can be witnessed. For instance, there has been a marked increase in the relative humidity in the entire Kashmir Valley.

Crops Grown in Awantipora Region

Farmland around Awantipora
Source: Flickr

The entire Pulwama district is known as the Rice Bowl of Kashmir. The land in the Awantipora tehsil is ideal for growing paddy and other food crops. Oilseeds and fodders are two other important cash crops of this region. Horticulture also contributes significantly to the town’s economy. Although neighboring Pampore Tehsil is the centre for saffron cultivation, not much of the crop is grown here.

Business and Economy of Awantipora

Awantipora is slowly becoming business hub. The automobile industry is specially advanced in this region.  A tractor manufacturing unit is soon to be opened in here. Trading in different consumer products also adds to gross income of the city.

Citizens of Awantipora

According to 2011 census, there are 12,647 people living within its municipal limits. The census also shows that:
  • Among the total inhabitants living permanently in Awantipora 8,982 are male and 3,665 are females.
  • 0.59 % of the inhabitants belong to schedule caste and 0.16 % to schedule tribe.
  • Number of people gainfully employed is 6,796.
  • Among those engaged in various financial activities 6,440 are males while 356 are females.
  • Of the working population, 77.69 % are engaged in main work while 22.31 % are marginalized workers.

Municipal Committee in Awantipora

Aawantipora Township

Awantipora has a Municipal Committee to look after different civic issues. For proper administration, the town has been divided into 7 wards. Members are elected by the citizens of the town for a period of five years.

According to 2011 census there are 1083 houses under the jurisdiction of Awantipora Municipal Committee. Like anywhere else, the Committee is entrusted with the job of supplying basic amenities like water and sewerage. It is also authorized to build and maintain roads within Municipal Committee Area. Imposing taxes on properties under its jurisdiction is another of its important jobs.

In case of emergency, one may contact the Administrative Officer of the Municipal Committee at 95193-3247036.

Civil Administration in Awantipora

Tehsildar is the senior-most administrative officer posted at Awantipora.  He not only looks after the local administration but also acts as liaison between the citizens of this area and the higher authority. In case you need to contact him you can do so at the following numbers:
Office Phone No: 01933-247-052
Mobile No: 94197-09130

The Tehsildar in Awantipora is assisted in his work in by a Naib Tehsildar. To contact him you may call at 96979-59145.

However, most of the administrative work of this town is done from district headquarters Phulwama. Deputy Commissioner is the senior-most officer posted there. He is also the District Development Officer and the District Magistrate. In case of any emergency he can be contacted at the following address:

DC Quarter, Washbugh Pulwama
Pin Code: 192301
Residential No: 01933-241-306, 01933-241-234
Office Telephone No: 01933-241-243
Fax: 01933-241-306
Mobile: 94190-14247

To know more about the government officers in the district and their contact details you may click here.

Police in Awantipora

Although Awantipora is a small town, it has a strong presence of police force. Following are the phone numbers of some important police entities in the town.
Office of Superintendent of Police, Awantipora:
Phone No: 01933-247-202, 01933-247- 702
Email: dpoawantipore-jk@nic.in

SDPO, Awantipora: 01933-247-278
Awantipora Police Station: 01933-247-276

Courts in Awantipora

Inauguration of Legal Aid Clinic

Awantipora, being a tehsil town, do not have any permanent court. However, there is the Court of Additional Special Mobile Magistrate Awantipora to look into different legal issues.

A Legal Aid Clinic has been inaugurated at this court on 28th June 2014 by Justice Ali Muhammad Magrey, the Administrative Judge for the district of Pulwama. Justice Feroz Ahmed Khan, the Additional Special Mobile Magistrate Awantipora, many other dignitaries and bar members were present at that occasion. It is hoped that the clinic will help the citizens to get speedier justice.

How to Get to Awantipora

As we have already said, Awantipora can be reached by NH 1A from Shrinagar. The road, which starts from Jalandhar in Punjab and ends in Uri in Jammu and Kashmir, runs through the middle of the town bifurcating it into two equal halves. Besides, there is the Awantipora Road, which meets NH 1A at Awantipora.

Railways in Awantipora

Awantipora Ralway Station

Awantipora is located on the Barmullah-Banihan Railway Line. The line is a part of the ambitious Kashmiri Railway Project, started by Government of India to connect different parts of Kashmir with rest of India. The cities thus connected by this line are Awantipora, Barmulla, Sopore, Hamare, Pattan, Mazhom, Srinagar, Pampore, Kakpora, Panzgam, Bijbehara, Anantnag, Sadura, Qazi Gund, Hilar and Banihal. Following are the trains that stop at Awantipora:

Train Number: 74623
From Banihal to Barmulla
Reaches Awantipora: 2:01PM
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 74625
From Banihal to Barmulla
Reaches Awantipora: 8:15 AM
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 74626

From Barmulla to Banihal
Reaches Awantipora: 9:12 AM
Working Days: Except Thursday

Train Number: 74628
From Barmulla to Banihal
Reaches Awantipora: 11:31 AM
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 74630

From Barmulla to Banihal
Reaches Awantipora: 12: 29 PM
Working Days: Except Wednesday

Train Number: 74631
From Banihal to Barmulla
Reaches Awantipora: 12:05 PM
Working Days: Except Thursday

Train Number: 74632
From Budgam to Banihal
Reaches Awantipora: 3:44 PM
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 74634

From Budgam to Banihal
Reaches Awantipora: 6:48 PM
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 74627
From Banihalto Barmulla
Reaches Awantipora: 3:04 PM
Working Days: Except Wednesday

However, if you want to catch long distance trains, you will have to travel by road to Jammu Tawai, which is 135.44 Km away. Another important railhead in the vicinity is Udhampur; it is located at a distance of 110.78 KM from Awantipora.

Traveling by Air to Awantipora

Although there is an airport at Awantipora, it is managed by the Indian Air Force. Hence it remains out of bounds for civil services under normal circumstances. The airport could be used by the civilians when the airport in Shrinagar was closed for twelve days to undergo up gradation in 2010. Therefore, if you want to travel by air, you must first come to Shrinagar. It is merely 30.6 KM from Awantipora and takes around 35 minutes by road.

Some Important Facts about Awantipora

Tehsil: Awantipora
District: Pulwama
State: Jammu and Kashmir
Assembly Constituency: Phulwama
Lok Sabha Constituency: Anantnag
Pin Code: 192122
STD Code: 01933
Vehicle Registration Number: JK-13

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